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Brazilian Zouk

Brazilian Zouk is the offspring of the Lambada, which you might remember as a dance craze from the 1990's. The dance changed a lot since then, but it kept a lot of its sensuality, entrancing hip movements and beautiful hair flicks. Watching great zouk dancers can be a mesmerizing experience.

Zouk is a wonderful dance that can fit on a wide range of lower bpm as well as fast-paced music. By learning Brazilian Zouk, you will understand dance walk, graceful body movement, good posture, musicality, and the largest variety of leading and following techniques possible. It is one of the most rewarding dances to learn, and most of those who learn it become lifelong enthusiasts. 

Not to be confused with the Caribbean Zouk from Haiti and other island countries. Brazilian Lambada dancers borrowed the name and rhythm of the music to create the dance, which has little in common with the way the original Zouk is danced.

Zouk Paradise TenC Weekender
Zouk Paradise TenC Weekender
Nov 03, 7:00 PM EDT
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