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Bachata is a smooth passionate dance that is now as popular as its fiery counterpart Salsa in the latin dance community. It is a dance that is exceptionally easy to get into and enjoy, but that also has a depth of techniques and skills to learn, from beginner to advanced level.

Bachata can be easily fused with other styles of dance or music or danced in a traditional way to Dominican style music. The extremely popular Bachata Sensual style borrows heavily from Brazilian Zouk movements and the music for this style is influenced by pop music or modern Reggaeton from Puerto Rico, Colombia and Spain.

Bachata music began as an underground style played in the less affluent areas of Dominican Republic in the 1960's. After the government lifted its censorship of Bachata, it grew to become one of the iconic music styles of the country. The dance of Bachata exploded in popularity during the 2000s, in tandem with the rise of famous Bachata music artists like Prince Royce, Romeo Santos (Aventura), Toby Love, Grupo Extra, etc.

Bachata Intensive
Salsa  & Bachata Free Classes (SalsainTO)
Jun 07, 7:00 PM
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