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About TenC Dance Co

TenC Dance Company was founded in 2014 by dance professionals Hayley & Miguel.

Learn from professional instructors over 25 years of dance training experience (Brazilian Zouk since 2011).


“TenC” stands for “Tout en Connexion” (everything in connection). 

TenC Dance Co promotes a style of dance maintaining connection with the music and between dance partners.


TenC Dance Co is based in Toronto and the Waterloo region. All our school curriculum is aggregated from the material and techniques of the best artists in the world for each dance.  

The company has had a meteoric rise in the few years since its inception in Ontario and continues to expand. 

We offer all modern Latin dances, dance fitness, K-Pop, Hip Hop, etc. and also competition training programs for children and adults. 


About Hayley & Miguel

Hayley and Miguel had been dancing, training, and competing individually for years before they partnered up.


From 2011, in Ottawa, they started to focus on newer styles of dance: Brazilian Zouk, Urban Kiz, Bachata Sensual.

When they visited South Korea in 2014, they founded Brazilian Zouk Seoul.

Since then, they have taught and performed internationally at major congresses and festivals in multiple dance styles. Through their knowledge of various dance styles, they developed a holistic method to teaching dance.

Today, TenC Dance Co in Toronto and Waterloo trains a fast growing number of students and dance teams. Miguel and Hayley travel around the world to teach and perform with their teams. 

Miguel Bril

Miguel is a multi-dance professional who is francophone originally from Quebec.

Miguel began dancing in 2005 in Quebec City, starting with Latin dances.

He completed an American Ballroom teachers' program and taught at Arthur Murray in Ottawa in 2011. 

He added Brazilian Zouk, Urban Kiz and Bachata Sensual to his repertoire as these dances emerged in Canada. He travelled around the world and trained with world-renowned instructors to master new dance techniques.

Miguel performed and competed in Salsa and Bachata in 2012 & 2013 earning 1st and 2nd places in national competitions.

With over a decade of teaching experience and classical musical education, he specializes in breaking down dance theory and musicality into precise concepts that his students can practice on.

Hayley icePink

Hayley started dancing at a very young age, performing as dancer and in a music band. She joined the Latin dance community through Cuban salsa and Dominican Bachata later on.

In 2011, she partnered with Ottawa Latin dance instructor Miguel.

She devoted herself to the love of Brazilian Zouk and trained with prestigious international artists since then. She also added new styles, including Urban Kiz, Bachata Sensual, Cabaret, etc. to her dance repertoire.

As a Fine Artist and dance instructor, she strives to develop the passion for dances, music and cultural artistic communities, Hayley sparked the creation of Canada International Dance Convention, an annual event in Toronto where dance fusion enthusiasts gather to perform, compete, dance with each other and connect.

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